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Crossroads Europe publishes articles by postgraduate researchers researchers working in contemporary European studies. Find out more about our contributors:

Authors (A – E)

Viviane Gravey | @VGraveyVivane Gravey
University of East Anglia

Viviane Gravey is PhD Candidate in Environmental Sciences at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of East Anglia and co-author of Environmental Europe? She is Chair of the UACES Student Forum and Co-Editor of Crossroads Europe.

Articles by Vivane Gravey

Anthony Salamone | @AMSalamoneAnthony Salamone
University of Edinburgh

Anthony Salamone is PhD Candidate in British and European Politics at the University of Edinburgh and Managing Editor of European Futures. He is a Committee Member of the UACES Student Forum and Co-Editor of Crossroads Europe.

Articles by Anthony Salamone

Anna Wambach | @AnnaWambachAnna Wambach
Newcastle University

Anna Wambach is PhD Candidate in Politics at Newcastle University and a Committee Member of the UACES Student Forum. Her research focuses on how the the EU is portrayed in the UK news media.

Articles by Anna Wambach


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